A Vanity Setup

Just as Saturday is for adventures, Sundays are for cleaning in the morning, and relaxation in the evening. I have tried for a long time to use my weekends as my personal time rather than work, and this is my favourite formula.

One of my Sunday rituals includes tidying my vanity area. Due to the size of my flat, I don’t yet have a ginormous dressing room complete with a movie star mirror and flashy lights, but I do have a delicate corner of the room where I keep all my favourite products, and an art deco style mirror to match.

Tidying might be a pain for some, but it gives us a chance to appreciate the possessions we have, and can make us think about why we have them. I’ve tried living a minimalist lifestyle which requires less objects on show, and as a result, less to dust – but I just can’t do it. I love spending time with my random vintage glassware that once had a purpose but is now empty, my lipsticks that come out for all different occasions, and of course, my beloved Chanel No.5. As I am still slowly revealing myself to you all (a burlesque attitude) I thought I would dedicate this blog today to writing about my favourite products that I have on my vanity. Please note, I am (sadly) in no way affiliated with Chanel, or any other brands mentioned below – these are just things I love and want to share with you all.

Firstly, my mirror – a gift one Christmas, with beautiful art deco detailing. Due to my space restrictions, and difficulty in finding the right height to apply my make up, this is usually placed on top a stack of books. These are often on rotation, but my personal favourites right now are.

Any vintage lover out there will know the power that a perfume atomiser has to make you feel glamorous, one small puff and I am transported right back into All About Eve.

I’ve always been more interested in skincare than make up, unless we are talking about Chanel lipstick – of which I have 6. During my brief stint working in retail, I lost my beloved Nightfall down the toilet, and I’m still not over it.

Aside from Nightfall, one of my favourite shades is Emotive – cannot beat it! A lovely nude, day to night! Chic.

Another product that I cannot go without is my Besame press powder. The packaging is enough to make you swoon, but also, if you are a shiny pea like me – this will sort you out in a pinch, and you will have great pleasure in excusing yourself to the ladies room so you can powder your nose.

My vanity area also holds a few personal items, including a flower from my bouquet at my sister’s wedding, a kitty cat tape measure, and a unicorn comb. These items have memories attached to them, and always make me smile. You can usually find random earrings here too, sometimes matching, sometimes not.

Well, that seems to be everything… But wait. I just put my hand to my head thinking about how I would end this post, when how could I forget! Right now I have a silk wrap on my head, not only does it keep my head warm and look fabulous, but it also protects against split ends (who knows when the next haircut will be? We are still in lockdown, so this is a legitimate thought.)

Anyway, that really is it now. I’m off to have a hot chocolate and listen to some Frank Sinatra, thinking about how lovely my vanity area is, until tomorrow, when I probably mess it up in a rush to get ready for the week ahead.

Until next time,

A Decadent Pea

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