A Monday Movie

A Monday movie #1

Over the weekend I thought that a nice thing to do would be to write about a movie on Monday’s. Seems simple, right?

Wrong. Unfortunately, I have already failed in my mission to watch a movie today (or this past week for that matter, I’ve been binge watching Suits) so I don’t have anything to review or suggest for you.

But, what I do have is a film of my own that I thought would be good fun to share. It’s on brand, on theme, and I think gives another little breadcrumb into who I am away from the blog.

I made ‘The Grumpy Director’ with my beloved crew at The Dazey Hills Company, with the class of UK Film Academy, and wonderful composing by Vintage Keys Studios – creating a Charlie Chaplin inspired (or Buster Keaton, take your pick) short film. Often, films these days are all about moving forward with the latest technology, and for this one it was so much fun to travel back in time for the day – I think the students really enjoyed it to!

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy it – it was so much fun to make! Next week, I will have another film to write about in more detail. If you have a film you’d like to recommend, then please do!

Have a great week,

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