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A Monday Movie #2

I write this post tonight as I am sandwiched between two zoom webinars, so it may be a quick one…although, it may not. I am a filmmaker and talent agent day to day, and it goes without saying that films are incredibly important to me. I could write endless lists of films that I love and why, but I’m going to keep this blog-friendly for you all and write about a film I love that fits with the ethos of A Decadent Pea.

(Side note: and little bit of self promotion, if you would like to have a peek at the films I love outside of this vintage-sphere, you can look at my Letterboxd account)

If you did look at my Letterboxd account, you will see in my top 4 films sits A Streetcar Named Desire [1951] which is the centre of todays blog, yay!

I first learned about this film, and play when I was taking acting classes in my early teens. My teacher at the time was wonderful, she had a brilliant sense of humour, a brilliant list of things to watch and read – and fantastic advice on acting and writing.

At the age of 14 (ish) I didn’t have much interest in a black and white film from the 50’s, I was much more interested in the likes of teen comedies with pink wardrobes, and probably Lindsay Lohan. Anyway, I was told about this film from this wise lady who once taught me acting and writing, and I was adamant I just needed to see it.

So, the next time I was in town with my friends, I made a dash for HMV and searched desperately for this DVD that I had no knowledge about other than the cover.

And there it was…. Instead of me writing about my journey home, enjoy this GIF of the wonderfully beautiful Marlon Brando.

What was I saying? Oh yeah, the film.

I think when I watched it the first time, I fancied myself a bit of a teenage film connoisseur… look at me watching an old black and white film, look at me, a cinema enthusiast. In reality, I don’t think I understood the actual plot or much else until I’d watched it a few times over.

Fast forward to now, I’ve seen this film probably over 15 times – and I chase down every time that its playing on stage. Not only is it a great film, but Streetcar was originally written for the stage and I would recommend everyone to see it as and when they can. Fun fact: The play by Tennesse Williams made its debut on broadway on 3rd December 1947, wasn’t this post timed well!

I hate reading spoilers, especially accidental ones – but here is a brief plot outline of what happens in the film (please watch it)

A young woman lives with her husband in New Orleans, going about her life as normal in her tiny studio apartment when her sister Blanche (a stylish but fragile ‘southern belle’) moves in after suffering a loss (or a few losses). Drama ensues.

That’s me trying to tell you what happens without really telling you what happens. I’ve lived in a studio apartment, things get stressful.

After all, a woman’s charm is fifty percent illusion.

– Blanche Dubois

I’m really not going to say any more, because I don’t want to spoil things for you, and also my dinner is nearly ready. So, let me know if you watch the film and we can talk about it together!

Until next time,

A Decadent Pea

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