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A Monday Movie #3

It’s raining, and has been raining for some time. I think that possibly it will rain forever. Also, it’s really cold. As I write this, I am sat with my back against the radiator, wearing a roll neck jumper and a blazer, and I’m quite tempted to stick on my head wrap and find my dressing gown, but I won’t because it’s the middle of the day and I have responsibilities. As cold as it is here (realistically, about 11° I know that in some places, it’s really really really cold. Like, for example in Chicago right now it’s -2° Why Chicago? Well, because I’m freezing I can’t find a better way to introduce this week’s film, I’m sorry readers.

But, if you haven’t seen or heard of this film – please find the time to watch it. Those of you that have seen it (and obviously love it) please message me as I’m trying to find the rest of the dancers for my rendition of Cell Block Tango.

Chicago – Rob Marshall [2002]

Okay, so I know on this blog I like to keep everything as vintage as possible and to be honest, this film is younger than me – but I share it with good reason. It’s a 1920’s crime MUSICAL. Come on, how cool is that.

I thought this film would be a nice way to continue from last weeks blog because, much like Streetcar, this film was on the stage before the screen, both versions fantastic. I saw Chicago on stage at my local theatre a few years ago, but would love to see it on the West End or Broadway (maybe if I get my dance troupe together….) anyway, it was fantastic. Like with my other film blog posts, I don’t like to give too much away but let me tell you this.

A women’s prison in the early 1920’s against the backdrop of a grizzly winter in Chicago, coupled with a tap dancing Richard Gere. YES you heard me.

I think the great thing about this film is that it’s suitable for a wide audience. Often, there is a stigma that musicals are targeted at women, or those who come from a musical theatre background – I wouldn’t agree, but I know that this a popular opinion. Obviously, there are crime scenes etc so not suitable for a younger audience, but I think teens and up can enjoy this, dare I say, decadent musical.

To put my theory to the test, I decided to call my Dad who is an avid musical lover, and military man alike. The conversation went like this.

ME “Hi Da, I know you are at work – but this will only take a sec, it’s for my blog. Do you like Chicago, the musical?”

DA: “Ello. Yeah, with Catherine Zita Jones…. and the guy from Trainspotting.”

ME: ‘Yes, and no, he’s in Moulin Rouge.”

DA: “Oh right, that’s good too. Yeah I like Chicago.”

ME: “Would you say it’s good?”

DA: “Yeah, I like it. I like musicals too. You should write down that Squaddies like musicals ‘cos it’s a nice escape from reality.”

ME: “Aw, that’s nice. I’ll put that down. Are you eating a sandwich?”

DA: “Yeah, it’s my lunchtime.”

ME: “Cool, thanks Da. Bon appetit.”

I’m not sure I need to write anything else about this film after that, so I’m going to go and eat a sandwich of my own.

If you watch it for the first time, let me know what you think!

Until next time,

A Decadent Pea x

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