An Old Fashioned, Reely Good Boyfriend

This time last week I uploaded my first Reel to Instagram, and then wrote a blog post about it – and that is my plan once a week until further notice, and with that comes the challenge of finding something original to Reel about every time.

Fortunately, I live with my partner Jack who is not only a good sport (did you see his help on the last blog post?) but also a lot of fun to live with, and has no issue being dolled up and put in a Reel for the benefit of the greater good (or in this case, A Decadent Pea).

Before I continue, I would like to say that this particular reel of Jack amassed 500 views within the first five minutes, with that kind of reach you may be seeing him more often. After all, he is destined for stardom and has an amazing singing voice (stay tuned on this, excuse the pun).

Anyway, for this reel we decided to do a transformation from Jack’s slouchy look into a suave vintage geezer. Scroll down to see the end result.

I think I should give a mention the Old Fashioned Cocktail that I made Jack as part of this Reel. I am not a whisky drinker unfortunately, but he loves it, so… this may be the start of my career as a mixologist, but then again probably not.

You Will Need:

  • Whiskey of choice
  • Angsostura Bitters
  • Water
  • Sugar

Usually a drink such as this would require a maraschino cherry, or at least a slice of orange – but alas my bar was not stocked. The only whiskey we had to hand was Jack Daniels Honey, but I think it worked quite well in replacement of the fruit, and for a decadent sweet twist.

Anyone reading this who is actually a mixologist please don’t judge me (at least not publicly) for my drink making skills. I found out along my googling way, that this drink was created purely to disguise the rancid taste of some bootleg whiskies back in the day! Interesting…

Anyway, you need to sprinkle some sugar in the bottom of a rocks glass (we love this one from Anthropologie) dash it with a bit of Angostura and water, and mix until the sugar is dissolved. Then, you want to add whiskey and stir again. You can add ice cubes, and we love the refreezable ones, no more slamming the ice cube tray on the kitchen side – bonus that these ones are orange, kind of makes up for the lack of orange in the drink… Serve, or in my case, hold as a reward for the Reel video, and use it as a prop in the meantime.

Back to the Reel!

Using a bit of Brylcreem, his smart dinner shoes from a trusty charity shop (remember when I said that Vintage doesn’t have to be expensive?) and the confiscation of his playstation remote we transformed Jack to this vision below. Humphrey Bogart who?

I just want to say that as fun as this was, this was not an attack on Jack, or slouchy boys anywhere – as much as I love vintage it does not take over my every day life (not yet) and most of the time, I don’t dress vintage all day either. Just some fun between us during what seems like a never ending lockdown, so make your Old Fashioned and relax, nobody is offended here.

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Until next time,

A Decadent Pea x

P.S You continuity queens may notice that this drink is not the same as the one in the video, but when I was caught up in the madness of Reel making, I forgot to take photos. Meaning that Jack gets to enjoy it all over again! Win win.

A Decadent alphabet

I have a very overactive mind, and sometimes it’s hard to slow down…especially when I am trying to go to sleep. As a result, I often pester my partner into playing word association games or something equally random, and last night I requested that he help me make an A-Z of decadent things.

“What do you mean? Like, foods.” He said. “Or people?”

I had to start off with a few of my own ideas, but I think on the whole we did quite well, let me know what you think. We ended up with a mixture of phrases, songs, books, films and superstars. Job well done, I fell asleep soon after.

A is for Art Deco – A style of visual art, responsible for the geometric patterns we know and love, if you’d like to read more click here.

B is for Boardwalk Empire – [2010] One of the best shows I have seen that depicts the Prohibition and Scorsese produced it! A cinema lovers dream.

C is for Chanel – duh!

D is for Dean Martin – Ain’t That A Kick In the Head? [1960]

E is for Ella Fitzgerald – Go and listen to all her music. All. Of. It.

F is for Flapper Girl – The bob haircut, the rouge lips, the beaded dresses. More than just a halloween costume.

G is for Gatsby – You say Leonardo Dicaprio, I say read the book.

H is for Highball Glass – Just waiting for a cocktail.

I is for Ingrid Bergman – Casablanca [1942]

J is for Jane Russell – Half of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes [1953]

K is for King Kong [1933]

L is for Lee Miller – I bought the book Age of Light by Whitney Scharer during my trip to Bordeaux and have recommended it to EVERYONE. Including you, reader.

M is for Marilyn Monroe – The other half of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes [1953]

N is for Negroni – A tasty Gin based cocktail originally from Florence, Italy.

O is for Orson Welles – HE WAS 25 WHEN HE MADE CITIZEN KANE [1941]. 25. I’m 25 (in two weeks) and I’m writing this list.

P is for Pin Up – The original poster girl! Marilyn Monroe.

Q is for Queen (See: Audrey Hepburn.) This one was hard to think of, but I think we can all agree Audrey is a queen.

R is for Rear Window – [1954] Essential viewing from Mr Alfred Hitchcock.

S is for Sunset Boulevard – [1950] Also essential viewing. “I’m going to be bigger than peanut butter!”

T is for Tinsel Town – Hollywood, baby.

U is for Un Chien Andalou – [1929] We love surrealism here.

V is for Vile Bodies – Written by Evelyn Waugh [1930] I would also recommend this!

W is for Warren Beatty – Okay, so we are moving forward a lot here – but the man made Bonnie and Clyde [1967]

X is for Xerox – moving backwards again, the invention of photocopying, and the brand that bought it to light.

Y is for You Can’t Get Away With Murder – [1939] Mr Humphrey Bogart.

Z is for Zelda Fitzgerald – The Mrs F Scott Fitzgerald. The original Flapper girl.

And there we have it, a list of random, decadent things. I hope you enjoyed it, learned some things and have some inspiration of what to watch or listen to next!

Until next time,

A Decadent Pea