A Monday Movie

A Monday Movie #4

I imagine my blog today to be a lot like an abandoned cinema, or movie theater (whatever floats your boat).

Why is it dark? Where is everyone? Why isn’t the movie playing? Is that an untouched candy? No, it’s just a ticket stub from times gone…

I’m sorry for abandoning you, peas. It’s a fun and festive time of year but also an extremely busy one. Day to day, my life is all about movies – I’m a talent agent and filmmaker away from this decadent space. However, one of the many impacts of Covid this year has meant that my fun movie like endeavours have hit a bit of a halt, and so I have had to find other ways to make money. Hence my absence. This past week I have been adjusting to a new situation, and sadly it has left me little time for blogging.

But, this movie has a happy ending, because time management is a good thing and so is having money. I now hope to write my blogs ahead of time which means lots of fun content coming your way.

Now, let’s continue with the movie shall we? Unfortunately, I don’t have anything specific to write about today – I would imagine you are indulging in Christmas films, or, like me are desperately trying to finish the series you are currently binge watching to make space for lots of nice 2021 content.

I’m almost finished with Suits, if you were wondering.

So, I thought it would be interesting if I shared my favourite films with you. I use Letterboxd to keep track of my watching habits, watch lists and to generally have a nose at what everyone else is watching. It’s a fun app to grow your personal favourites and must – sees.

To get started, I want to show you my favourite films – this is a personalised list I have made which is ever changing. I don’t know how people can have consistent favourites – there is just too much out there! So, at the time of writing, these are my favourite films. I’m not sure why there is 41 films on there. s 41 the new top 10?

So, there you go. Peruse at leisure. Silently judge me. Or, find something new! I’m not sure what to recommend you first as they are all pretty great, but maybe we should start something called A Decadent Pea Film Challenge. A film a day starting today would take you to the end of January, and let’s be honest – who goes outside in January anyway?

If you decide to watch a movie from this list – I’d love to talk about it with you! Send me a message or talk to me on Instagram – @adecadentpea

Until next time, and happy holidays everyone!

A Decadent Pea x

A Decadent alphabet

I have a very overactive mind, and sometimes it’s hard to slow down…especially when I am trying to go to sleep. As a result, I often pester my partner into playing word association games or something equally random, and last night I requested that he help me make an A-Z of decadent things.

“What do you mean? Like, foods.” He said. “Or people?”

I had to start off with a few of my own ideas, but I think on the whole we did quite well, let me know what you think. We ended up with a mixture of phrases, songs, books, films and superstars. Job well done, I fell asleep soon after.

A is for Art Deco – A style of visual art, responsible for the geometric patterns we know and love, if you’d like to read more click here.

B is for Boardwalk Empire – [2010] One of the best shows I have seen that depicts the Prohibition and Scorsese produced it! A cinema lovers dream.

C is for Chanel – duh!

D is for Dean Martin – Ain’t That A Kick In the Head? [1960]

E is for Ella Fitzgerald – Go and listen to all her music. All. Of. It.

F is for Flapper Girl – The bob haircut, the rouge lips, the beaded dresses. More than just a halloween costume.

G is for Gatsby – You say Leonardo Dicaprio, I say read the book.

H is for Highball Glass – Just waiting for a cocktail.

I is for Ingrid Bergman – Casablanca [1942]

J is for Jane Russell – Half of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes [1953]

K is for King Kong [1933]

L is for Lee Miller – I bought the book Age of Light by Whitney Scharer during my trip to Bordeaux and have recommended it to EVERYONE. Including you, reader.

M is for Marilyn Monroe – The other half of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes [1953]

N is for Negroni – A tasty Gin based cocktail originally from Florence, Italy.

O is for Orson Welles – HE WAS 25 WHEN HE MADE CITIZEN KANE [1941]. 25. I’m 25 (in two weeks) and I’m writing this list.

P is for Pin Up – The original poster girl! Marilyn Monroe.

Q is for Queen (See: Audrey Hepburn.) This one was hard to think of, but I think we can all agree Audrey is a queen.

R is for Rear Window – [1954] Essential viewing from Mr Alfred Hitchcock.

S is for Sunset Boulevard – [1950] Also essential viewing. “I’m going to be bigger than peanut butter!”

T is for Tinsel Town – Hollywood, baby.

U is for Un Chien Andalou – [1929] We love surrealism here.

V is for Vile Bodies – Written by Evelyn Waugh [1930] I would also recommend this!

W is for Warren Beatty – Okay, so we are moving forward a lot here – but the man made Bonnie and Clyde [1967]

X is for Xerox – moving backwards again, the invention of photocopying, and the brand that bought it to light.

Y is for You Can’t Get Away With Murder – [1939] Mr Humphrey Bogart.

Z is for Zelda Fitzgerald – The Mrs F Scott Fitzgerald. The original Flapper girl.

And there we have it, a list of random, decadent things. I hope you enjoyed it, learned some things and have some inspiration of what to watch or listen to next!

Until next time,

A Decadent Pea

A Monday Movie

A Monday movie #1

Over the weekend I thought that a nice thing to do would be to write about a movie on Monday’s. Seems simple, right?

Wrong. Unfortunately, I have already failed in my mission to watch a movie today (or this past week for that matter, I’ve been binge watching Suits) so I don’t have anything to review or suggest for you.

But, what I do have is a film of my own that I thought would be good fun to share. It’s on brand, on theme, and I think gives another little breadcrumb into who I am away from the blog.

I made ‘The Grumpy Director’ with my beloved crew at The Dazey Hills Company, with the class of UK Film Academy, and wonderful composing by Vintage Keys Studios – creating a Charlie Chaplin inspired (or Buster Keaton, take your pick) short film. Often, films these days are all about moving forward with the latest technology, and for this one it was so much fun to travel back in time for the day – I think the students really enjoyed it to!

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy it – it was so much fun to make! Next week, I will have another film to write about in more detail. If you have a film you’d like to recommend, then please do!

Have a great week,

A Decadent Pea