“Happiness is not in money, but in shopping.”

– Marilyn Monroe

Today is a good day, as it is the first time I went outside in about 4 days. Where I am in the UK, things are either closed due to the lockdown tier system, or things are extremely busy because they are open during the lockdown tier system and people are craving an adventure – even if it’s to the supermarket. Oh yeah, let’s not forget that people are shopping like mad because Christmas is round the corner.

Anyway, I didn’t really fancy going out on my doorstep – I live in a big city, and everywhere seems to be crazy right now the closer you get to the shops. So Jack and I decided to adventure elsewhere. I was excited at the idea of grabbing a pastry and having a stroll without having hundreds of people around me. I packed up my mask, hand sanitiser, and gave myself a quick spritz of my Karl Lagerfeld perfume before heading out the door.

I could write a separate blog post on the delightful Raspberry filled croissant I had (as a Vegan, it’s hard to find pastry, and food on the go in general) but I won’t, today is about my sustainable shopping trip. After fuelling up, I decided to make my way to the nearest charity shop, but sadly a majority were closed. After almost walking past it, I found DEBRA (A charity supporting those with EB).

Pre Lockdown, I would jump at the chance to go in any charity shop that I saw – and so going through the doorway today filled me with excitement – I already spotted so much that I wanted to grab. I looked down at my tiny pea like hands and thought, how would I carry all of these things I had already decided that I couldn’t live without. I gave a side eye to Jack, who hovered in the doorway empty handed… that’s how. I set off to the womenswear.

Before I go into the details of what I bought, let me just tell you that all of this lot cost me £9! Amazing. For 3 Vinyl’s, A jumper, a blazer, a pair of heels, and some Christmas cards. Sustainable, and budget friendly. I’ve heard so many times that people don’t like to shop in charity shops because they feel that its full of rubbish or damaged clothes. I disagree with both, style is subjective and it’s impossible to say that all charity shops are full of rubbish. Sometimes I will go to a few charity shops and find things I don’t like, but that’s no different to going up and down the high street with the same feeling. The difference to me is, that charity shops will always have different pieces in, wheras most high street stores will stock variations of the other, in keeping with the current ‘season.’

Also, about things being damaged…not true! Things don’t get dumped in bin bags on the doorstep and then put themselves on the hanger for the customer, I used to work as a stylist in a charity shop and the staff would sift through the bags, sorting, checking for damages and steaming items ready for the shop floor. In some cases, depending on resources, items would be washed before going out – but not always. However, if you really aren’t into charity shops there are other ways you can shop ethically and sustainably – check out my previous blog post for inspo!

For the better part of this year, I have avoided fast fashion (I will invest in the occasional quality staple if I can’t find it elsewhere and I know it comes from an ethical brand) and love the idea of building my wardrobe from treasures I’ve found on a charity shop run. There are so many issues with fast fashion, from underpaying workers to its impact on the environment and pollution – if you’d like to learn more please follow this link and do some reading of your own! P.S Charity shopping can be a haven for vintage lovers around the world, you’d be surprised what people are getting rid of!

Frank approved.

Let’s get down to the business of what I bought. I would like to introduce this haul by saying that no charity shop run is complete without acquiring a record from Frank Sinatra – you will find his music in almost every charity shop you go in, and you can never have too much Frank in your life.

BTW – these records were 3 for £1! Thank you DEBRA.

The Haul.

  • Black and White Pinstripe Blazer – Size 12 ( A few sizes bigger, but I like an oversize fit) £3
  • Leopard Print Heels – Size 4 (I have tiny pea feet) £2
  • Christmas Cards £1
  • Wide Hole Knit Jumper – Medium (SO many layering opportunities) £2
  • Frank Sinatra & Count Basie – It Might As Well Be Swing [1961]
  • Broadway Hit Parade – Worldwide Movie and TV Hits [1969] (Listening to Peter Gunn on repeat forever now…)
  • The Top Ten Barbershop Quartets of 1969 [1969]

Impressed? Me too, time to bathe in the glory of my purchases, dance to Peter Gunn and drink a martini knowing I’m supporting sustainability, charity and style all at the same time.

Until next time,

A Decadent Pea x

A Decadent alphabet

I have a very overactive mind, and sometimes it’s hard to slow down…especially when I am trying to go to sleep. As a result, I often pester my partner into playing word association games or something equally random, and last night I requested that he help me make an A-Z of decadent things.

“What do you mean? Like, foods.” He said. “Or people?”

I had to start off with a few of my own ideas, but I think on the whole we did quite well, let me know what you think. We ended up with a mixture of phrases, songs, books, films and superstars. Job well done, I fell asleep soon after.

A is for Art Deco – A style of visual art, responsible for the geometric patterns we know and love, if you’d like to read more click here.

B is for Boardwalk Empire – [2010] One of the best shows I have seen that depicts the Prohibition and Scorsese produced it! A cinema lovers dream.

C is for Chanel – duh!

D is for Dean Martin – Ain’t That A Kick In the Head? [1960]

E is for Ella Fitzgerald – Go and listen to all her music. All. Of. It.

F is for Flapper Girl – The bob haircut, the rouge lips, the beaded dresses. More than just a halloween costume.

G is for Gatsby – You say Leonardo Dicaprio, I say read the book.

H is for Highball Glass – Just waiting for a cocktail.

I is for Ingrid Bergman – Casablanca [1942]

J is for Jane Russell – Half of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes [1953]

K is for King Kong [1933]

L is for Lee Miller – I bought the book Age of Light by Whitney Scharer during my trip to Bordeaux and have recommended it to EVERYONE. Including you, reader.

M is for Marilyn Monroe – The other half of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes [1953]

N is for Negroni – A tasty Gin based cocktail originally from Florence, Italy.

O is for Orson Welles – HE WAS 25 WHEN HE MADE CITIZEN KANE [1941]. 25. I’m 25 (in two weeks) and I’m writing this list.

P is for Pin Up – The original poster girl! Marilyn Monroe.

Q is for Queen (See: Audrey Hepburn.) This one was hard to think of, but I think we can all agree Audrey is a queen.

R is for Rear Window – [1954] Essential viewing from Mr Alfred Hitchcock.

S is for Sunset Boulevard – [1950] Also essential viewing. “I’m going to be bigger than peanut butter!”

T is for Tinsel Town – Hollywood, baby.

U is for Un Chien Andalou – [1929] We love surrealism here.

V is for Vile Bodies – Written by Evelyn Waugh [1930] I would also recommend this!

W is for Warren Beatty – Okay, so we are moving forward a lot here – but the man made Bonnie and Clyde [1967]

X is for Xerox – moving backwards again, the invention of photocopying, and the brand that bought it to light.

Y is for You Can’t Get Away With Murder – [1939] Mr Humphrey Bogart.

Z is for Zelda Fitzgerald – The Mrs F Scott Fitzgerald. The original Flapper girl.

And there we have it, a list of random, decadent things. I hope you enjoyed it, learned some things and have some inspiration of what to watch or listen to next!

Until next time,

A Decadent Pea